Just as the name implies, I do recordings. I’m able to record anything you can bring to my studio. I have a substantial microphone collection, and I know how to use it. On top of this, I have musical equipment available for use. Equipment that is awesome. I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I’m willing to work with you to obtain the tones you’re looking for. Samples here.

Yeah, I also mix. Whether it be a project you’re doing with me or something that you tracked at another location, I can clean it, fix it, and make it sound beautiful. Anyone can attest to it that my editing skills are spot on.

Not everyone can identify good and bad mastering. It’s difficult to judge quality when everything is pushed as loud as possible. Over the years of recording, I’ve developed a sense of feeling for what a quality mastered project should sound like. I find that a lot of tracks lack a punch and lose their impact when mastered by an inexperienced engineer. I direct my mastering approach to bring out frequencies that got overlooked in the mixing process. While doing so, I make sure I don’t brick-wall the whole project or remove all dynamics from the mix. I keep the punch and crispness of the song while allowing it to encompass the fullness of the frequency spectrum.

With the increasing rate of technological advances, I feel that mastering is getting ignored or brushed off as being unimportant to the overall quality of the project. Mastering is just as important as the recording and mixing process. Because of this, I master (no charge) the projects that record and mix with me and will provide you with a finished, mastered project ready for release.

I do vinyl mastering as well. If you’re thinking about pressing your songs to vinyl and only have a digital master, I highly recommend getting a vinyl master done. Vinyl reacts differently than digital audio, and therefore it must be approached with a different mastering approach. Giving a digital master to a record pressing engineer puts more strain on his or her talents to successfully translate it to the vinyl. So why not make their jobs easier and guarantee a good translation to wax. By preparing the mastered songs for vinyl, you will end up with a better end product. Please explore the Vinyl Guide for more information on vinyl pressing preparation.

So if you want an attentive ear to detail, someone who doesn’t load presets, and a studio that cares about the work they produce, think about having your project mastered here. If you’re unsure about it, I’ve accumulated numerous ‘mastering-only’ projects ranging from hardcore to rap. I’m sure they’ll back the quality of my work.

If I’m working with you on any type of project, you’ll quickly see how teamwork, cooperation, and group brainstorming come into effect. The last thing I want to do is sit back and just hit the record button. Anyone can do that. I enjoy getting involved. If I have an idea, I’ll run it by you. If you want to experiment and try a few things out, great, let’s do it. We’ll work together and run stuff off one another to come up with the best results possible. We’re all in this together.

Music Composition
Plenty of musical talent here at Very Tight Recordings. I’ve composed many pieces of music that have been featured on all sorts of CD’s, films, and other projects. By working with someone who understands music, communicating ideas is much easier. The ability to interject musical ideas into a project can greatly boost the creativity of everyone involved. Check out a soundtrack I did. All of the music on the Bliss Meditation Collection was composed here as well.

Sound Design
Films, movies, and shorts. Editing, clean up, sound effects, and anything audio related I can assist with. The Mibsters film is a full length documentary in which I did all of the audio work.

Cassette to CD or Digital Format
I can convert your old cassettes to a CD or digital format. In addition to the conversion, restoration and enhancement is performed on the audio.

Anything Else?
All you have to do is ask. I’m non-traditional about studio work. If I can’t assist you with something, I will probably be able to point you to someone who can.

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