Very Tight Recordings is a professional recording studio located in Pittsburgh, Pa, with a core backbone of D.I.Y. ethics, hard work, honesty, and passion. The entire operation is run by audio engineer, Matt Very. He has been producing, recording, mixing, and mastering music since 2007. With experimentation, trial and error, and dedicated focus, his recording techniques have developed and fine-tuned themselves into what they are today. Matt Very’s theory behind why and how things are done is much more complex than simply attending a class where a teacher says, “This is the way it is done; no other method should be applied.” No, this is much different. Because he is self-taught, he applies non-standard approaches to projects, thinking outside the box, and experimenting, creating a genuinely unique product.

Residing in a 3,000 sq ft warehouse, the home of Very Tight Recordings was built from the ground up. The facility consists of 1 control room and 3 tracking rooms: one 18×25 ft live room, one large isolation room, and one small isolation room. See more photos here.

Control Room 1

The Goal: Satisfaction
All parties involved will receive a product that they are more than proud of releasing.

The Reason: Music
This is for the love of music and art. Whether it’s a demo or a full-length release, you will receive the same amount of passion and dedication that every other project gets.

The Experience: Personal
There is no doubt that an audio engineer influences and affects a band’s project. It’s highly unlikely to not build some sort of friendship with me. It’s never strictly business.

Still unsure? Ask around. See what others have to say.

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